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Back in 2016, we were faced with the challenge of finding the perfect daypack in Santiago de Chile - but we failed to do so. For this reason, without much knowledge or expectations, we embarked on the adventure of making our first prototype for our personal use. Little by little, we sparked the interest of friends and family, then accepted the first orders and received positive feedback and suggestions for improvement. This allowed us to steadily perfect both the design of our products and our production processes.


Two years later, in 2018, we moved to Dresden, and with the relocation and the adventure of entrepreneurship, the concept of "Nomades: moving from one place to another" has become embedded in our lifestyle and mindset. This is exactly what we want to express in our products through a minimalist, timeless and functional design. 


Our product range has grown steadily, as has our passion for production, the materials we use and the perfection of our work. Nevertheless, all our products are still handcrafted in our small manufactory in Munich.

Romina Castillo, Gründerin von Nómada Rucksack

Fotografie: Natalie Strohmaier


At Nómada, design is one of the cornerstones of our work. We know that the importance of design lies not only in its aesthetic aspect, but also in its functionality.


We strive to create minimalist, timeless and functional products, guided by certain premises in our work and inspired by great designers like Dieter Rams. The design must be innovative, unobtrusive, aesthetic, honest, ecological, durable and coherent down to the smallest detail.


We pay attention to every part of the production process and devote special attention to the details. This is how our designs have evolved over time, thanks to feedback from our customers and the pursuit of the perfect product.

"Good design is as little design as possible".

  Dieter Rams


All our products are handcrafted in our small manufactory in Munich. By using high-quality materials and producing small series, we guarantee long-lasting and exclusive products that offer essential added value for you as a customer through our business model:

  • Personal customer relationship.

  • Sustainability.

  • Support for the local economy.

  • Exclusive products and high quality standards.

  • Guaranteed and immediate availability (also for special orders).

Leder für die Herstellung von Rucksäcken, Taschen und Accessoires von Nómada Rucksack

We strive to develop handcrafted products in a sustainable way. This means less energy and waste in the production process and careful selection of our materials based on a balance between environmental friendliness and durability.


Why leather?


Leather has unique properties as a material. It is supple, tear-resistant, elastic and adaptable - special properties that set it apart from many other fabrics and synthetics. It is a more sustainable and durable material that can be used for years with proper care, helping us to produce high quality, long-lasting products and avoid the consumption of short-lived products.


We also work with Compañía Nacional de Cueros de Chile, a company with more than 70 years of experience. We made the decision to source leather from this company in Germany as well, because they use innovative and environmentally friendly processes to reduce the consumption of water, chemicals and energy, while producing particularly high-quality and robust leather.


Due to our local production and distribution, we also have the advantage of mostly short delivery routes, which are handled via DHL GoGreen. Parcel shipping is CO2-neutral through the support of climate protection projects to offset the resulting emissions.

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